Brand Ambassador Terms and Conditions

Brand Ambassador Terms & Conditions

Services: The Brand ambassador chosen will create imagery using the clothing supplied by White & Co as part of the competition and will be engaged with White & Co’s social channels, including but not limited to: Facebook & Instagram .  All content must be created solely with White and Co product. No content will be accepted featuring a competitor's product.   .

Compensation: In consideration for the full performance of Brand Ambassador’s services White & Co shall compensate Brand Ambassador and Brand Ambassador agrees to accept A $500 White & Co Gift Card each month.

Ownership Rights: Brand Ambassador acknowledges that the results and proceeds of the services provide, including without limitation all photographs & images created and/or provided by Brand Ambassador is owned by White & Co for all purposes, royalty-free and without restriction of any kind.

Use of Likeness: Brand Ambassador further grants White & Co the irrevocable right and permission to film, videotape and photograph Brand Ambassador and to reproduce, publish, distribute, display, broadcast, exhibit, and/or in any other way use Brand Ambassador’s image, likeness, signature, voice, photographs, name in whole or in part, distorted, altered, modified and/or adapted in character and/or in form, alone and/or accompanied by other material, in perpetuity and royalty-free, for any purpose whatsoever, including without limitation for the purpose of advertising, publicity, promotion, and/or other marketing for White & Co.


Termination: White & Co shall have the right, at its sole option, to terminate this Agreement immediately in the event that:

  • Brand Ambassador promotes a White & Co competitor on their social media channels during the contract.
  • Brand Ambassador fails, neglects or refuses to fully perform any of the obligations to be performed hereunder,
  • Brand Ambassador materially breaches the terms of this Agreement or any of the warranties or representations made herein.
  • Brand Ambassador commits any act or does anything that is or shall be an offense involving moral turpitude under federal, state or local laws, or which brings Brand Ambassador, or White & Co into public disrepute, contempt, scandal, or ridicule, or which insults or offends the community or any substantial organised group thereof, or which might tend to injure the success of any White & Co.